June 2011

Issue No. 119

Katie Robinson, Editor

Uniform Law Commission
111 N. Wabash Ave, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 450-6600


Upcoming Meetings

  • July 7-13, 2011, Vail, Colorado
    ULC Annual Meeting


New Members

There are four new commissioners in Alabama. W. Scott Donaldson is a Circuit Court Judge with the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Alabama in Tuscaloosa; Bill Poole is a state representative from Tuscaloosa; Jeffrey R. McLaughlin is a state representative from Guntersville; and John Carroll is Dean of the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, in Birmingham. Joseph Colquitt, Ted Little, and Bruce McKee were not re-appointed.

There are two new commissioners in Pennsylvania. Robert A. Mulle is an attorney with the Office of the Attorney General in Harrisburg. Christopher D. Carusone is Executive Deputy General Counsel for Legislation and Criminal Justice for the Governor’s Office of General Counsel in Harrisburg, and replaces Roger Caffier, who resigned.

There are also two new commissioners in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Trudy Fenster, Chief Legislative Counsel of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, has been appointed commissioner, and replaces Yvonne Tharpes. Monica Howard, Assistant Legislative Counsel of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, has been appointed associate commissioner, and replaces Lisa Harris-Moorhead.

In the District of Columbia, our newest member is V. David Zvenyach, General Counsel to the Council of the District of Columbia.

In Wisconsin, Patience D. Roggensack has been appointed commissioner. Justice Roggensack is a justice on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, and replaces Ann Walsh Bradley.


Legislative Update

There are currently 221 introductions of uniform and model acts in the state legislatures, with 88 enactments. The Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act was recently enacted in its first state: Utah. Since then, North Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, and North Carolina have also enacted UMOVA, and it has been introduced in six more states this year (a few more introductions are still expected). The Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act was enacted in its first state: Montana. The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property was recently enacted in its first state: Nevada. And the 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9 have been enacted in seven states – Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, and Washington – and is pending in six more states. Check the ULC website (www.uniformlaws.org) for updated legislative information on all uniform acts. Complete legislative reports are posted on the ULC website every week.

UCC Update

Last fall, the PEB for the Uniform Commercial Code recommended that the 2003 Amendments to UCC Articles 2 and 2A be removed from the Official Text of the UCC, and that the Official Text of Articles 2 and 2A revert to the text of those articles as they existed prior to 2003. In January, both the ULC Executive Committee and the ALI Council approved this recommendation. Recently, the ALI approved that recommendation at its May annual meeting. Thus, the Official Text of UCC Articles 2 and 2A will be revised as indicated.